The Brick Race Report

I am doing this really, really late and I am back-dating it but I just want to have a record of what happened at the race in May.

Overall the race was pretty good. I managed to get just under 5 minute kilometres on the first run and just under 5:30 on the second run, which was a little too slow in my books but not too bad for the beginning of the season.

The weather was kind of hard to figure out. It was very windy (winds probably in the 25-40km/h range) and the temperature was in the 10-13 degree range. I started the race with arm warmers but I was a little too hot in the first run and ended up taking the arm warmers off in the second transition. It was also threatening rain the whole day but the most it did was a very slight drizzle.

The Good
The first run was pretty good, coming in at under 5:00 k's. The first k was under 4:30 which really is too fast for me and probably affected the third and fourth kilometers. I started to feel a little out of gas at around the 2.5k mark.

Another good part was the first part of the bike. It was extremely windy and in the first half of the bike the wind was at our backs or from the side.

Finally, the second run was fairly good but as usual at this time of year I wasn't quite as prepared for a full-length, full speed brick like that. My second run was about 1:30 slower than my first run.

The Bad
The flip side of having the wind at our backs on the first half of the bike was having the wind in our faces on the second half. That one road that has most of the bigger hills on it was very tough because we had a 25-30km/h headwind on that whole stretch. It was tough to go over 30km/h even on the downhills. The bike came in at an average speed of just over 30 km/h which wasn't too bad but probably could have been faster if it weren't for the wind.

My transitions were pretty slow at 1:35 and 1:33. I didn't have the speed laces in my running shoes yet so that was probably a big factor.

The Ugly
The weather was pretty ugly mostly because of the wind. The other ugly part was probably my weight. I was nowhere near race weight for this race, probably coming in at around 104 kilos. For me this year ideal race weight would probably be as close to 100 kilos as I can get and as I write this in mid-June I am in the 101-102 kilo range.
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Plan for the week

Date Mode Exe Type Distance Comments
Sun Jan 15, 2006 Bike Endurance 10.0 30 minutes endurance pace
Mon Jan 16, 2006 Swim Endurance 1.6 200m warm up 3x400m endurance 200m cool down
Tue Jan 17, 2006 Strength Strength 20 reps 3 sets of: Leg Press/Squat Seated Row Hamstring Curl Lat Pulldown Ab Crunches
Wed Jan 18, 2006 Run Endurance 5.0 35 minutes plus at a endurance level pace
Thu Jan 19, 2006 Strength Strength 3 sets of 20 reps each: Leg Press/Squat Seated Row Hamstring Curl Abdominal Crunches
Thu Jan 19, 2006 Bike Endurance 35 minutes endurance pace on indoor trainer
Fri Jan 20, 2006 Swim Endurance 1.6 200m warm up 3x400m endurance 200m cool down
Sat Jan 21, 2006 Run Endurance 5.0 40 minutes at an endurance pace
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Did a run this evening. The race is now 4 days away so today's run was short but sort of high on the intensity scale.

After a 1k warm-up (around 6 minutes, we probably should have warmed up more) we did 3k at on as close to 5:15/k pace as we could. I finished 2 of the k's in just under 5:10, m was a couple of seconds behind me. The middle k involved crossing a main road that was sort of busy at the time we were crossing so it probably took us 30 seconds or so to cross the road.

The 5:10-5:15 pace was sort of pushing it for me and I think I could have maintained at least 5:15 for another 3-4k, after that I might have slipped into closer to a 5:30 pace. On Sunday I want to finish the race in as close to 5:15 as I can which would mean a 52:30 finish. A 5:10 pace would mean a 51:40 finsh time.

Doing the race course on Sunday helped to know some landmarks and what times I need to be at those landmarks in order to make my goal. For example, near the end of the race the course turns off a main road and goes along a long driveway. On Sunday the time from when I made the turn to the finish line was a little under 3 minutes. I think I can get that pretty close to 2:30 on race day which means that I need to be making that turn at about the 49-50 minute mark.

One more training run left before race day, that will happen first thing on Saturday morning.
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Did a swim this morning. I didn't even count what I was doing, probably totaled just under 1000m for me. M was a little more serious about it though, she probably managed to do over 1400m.
category: Swim posted on Monday October 24, 2005 at 11:17:00 by: 0xCC


After more than a week off from running after recovering from what I think was gastroenteritis (food poisoning) we did a run this morning.

The race that we have planned is 1 week away now. Today's run was on the race course. The goal of today's run was to do an 'easy' run just to get a feel for the course before next week. Without pushing it too hard and having to stop a couple of times for traffic lights I was able to to the course in 56:14, m did it about a minute faster than that. I looked up my results from a couple of years ago and found that I actually did the race in under 55 minutes then. This year I hope to beat 53 minutes but I think that is going to be a tough mark to hit.

56:14 total time, about 950 calories.

category: Run posted on Sunday October 23, 2005 at 11:07:00 by: 0xCC


I did a bike today, a litle bit of an easier bike although the wind was blowing pretty steadily which made things difficult. The temperature was around 7-8 degrees C which was a little cool but the new dry weather cycling jacket I picked up last month at MEC worked out pretty well.

Total of just over 37k, average speed was very low in the 24km/h range, total time was around 1:40 and calories were around 1150.
category: Bike posted on Friday October 21, 2005 at 19:14:00 by: 0xCC

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