Did a short brick this morning. This is the final pre-race workout. The intention of this workout is to keep the muscles moving and just to make sure the body is ready to go for the next day.

About 45 minutes of total workout time. Bike was about 28:00 for me, a little longer for m. Then run for 15 minutes. (took about 2-2.5 minutes to transition from the bike to the run).

This workout is supposed to be basically an endurance (zone 1 to zone 2) level workout with a few race-pace accelerations thrown in. I probably spent a little too much time in close to race pace.
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Next weekend we are racing at Guelph Lake. Today we went to the race site to do a brick and prepare for the race.

The bike course for Guelph Lake has a couple of tricks in it. The first is that when you get out to the Guelph-Nichol townline on the way out, that whole road is a false flat that works in your favour on the way out but against it on the way back. By false flat I mean that when you make the right hand turn from Watson onto the Guelph-Nichol townline it looks like you are going uphill. This is an optical illusion. I think the road is either actually flat there or actually slightly downhill. In the race you have to push it on this section of the road , it is much, much harder to go fast on the way back along the same section of road. You should be able to pass a lot of people in this section if you are smart about it.

The run course at Guelph Lake I personally find very challenging. it is hilly at all the wrong places, it has some very open parts so when it is hot you get cooked on these parts and there is a huge mental game in the last kilometre of the run. You have to run past the finish line, up a tough hill (although it doesn't look that tough) before you can actually finish. The mental game part is that you get so close to the finish like that you can almost taste it but you still have about a kilometre to go and it is one of the toughest kilometres of the whole race. Many people end up walking at some point during that last kilometre and I have to admit that I have been one of them many times in the past.

So we tried to do the actual run course but it was hard to know where the real turn-around was. I think we probably over-shot the turn around by around 300-500m.

Total workout time around 1:30-1:35. Around 1100 calories. About 19k on the bike and something in the 5.5-6k range for the run.
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Did a brick this morning. Even though we did this at about 7am it was still very hot (temp was about 24C but humidex was in the 32C range)

Right around 30k on the bike (Bayview to Stonehaven to Leslie to St John's to Kennedy to Vandorf to Leslie to Stonehaven and home), just over an hour. Run was just under 25 minutes. Prospect to Timothy past the Ops centre, across the park to the curling club, north to Srigley to Roxbourogh to Queen to Niagra to Millard to Church to D'Arcy to Water to Duncan along the path on the other side of Timothy just to about the play area and then turned around back to Duncan out to Water St.

Total 1:30:00, around 1200 calories.
category: Brick posted on Sunday June 12, 2005 at 09:35:00 by: 0xCC

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