Did a run this evening. The race is now 4 days away so today's run was short but sort of high on the intensity scale.

After a 1k warm-up (around 6 minutes, we probably should have warmed up more) we did 3k at on as close to 5:15/k pace as we could. I finished 2 of the k's in just under 5:10, m was a couple of seconds behind me. The middle k involved crossing a main road that was sort of busy at the time we were crossing so it probably took us 30 seconds or so to cross the road.

The 5:10-5:15 pace was sort of pushing it for me and I think I could have maintained at least 5:15 for another 3-4k, after that I might have slipped into closer to a 5:30 pace. On Sunday I want to finish the race in as close to 5:15 as I can which would mean a 52:30 finish. A 5:10 pace would mean a 51:40 finsh time.

Doing the race course on Sunday helped to know some landmarks and what times I need to be at those landmarks in order to make my goal. For example, near the end of the race the course turns off a main road and goes along a long driveway. On Sunday the time from when I made the turn to the finish line was a little under 3 minutes. I think I can get that pretty close to 2:30 on race day which means that I need to be making that turn at about the 49-50 minute mark.

One more training run left before race day, that will happen first thing on Saturday morning.
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After more than a week off from running after recovering from what I think was gastroenteritis (food poisoning) we did a run this morning.

The race that we have planned is 1 week away now. Today's run was on the race course. The goal of today's run was to do an 'easy' run just to get a feel for the course before next week. Without pushing it too hard and having to stop a couple of times for traffic lights I was able to to the course in 56:14, m did it about a minute faster than that. I looked up my results from a couple of years ago and found that I actually did the race in under 55 minutes then. This year I hope to beat 53 minutes but I think that is going to be a tough mark to hit.

56:14 total time, about 950 calories.

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Did a run this evening.

This was our tempo run for the week.

First 1k was a warm up with a little bit of rest before starting the tempo part of the run.
We were aiming for 5:15/km pace over 6k total.
kilometre 1: 5:12 @163 bpm average
kilometre 2: 5:16 @174 bpm average
kilometre 3: 5:18 @172 bpm average
kilometre 4: 4:58 @178 bpm average
kilometre 5: 5:13 @181 bpm average
kilometre 6: 5:19 @182 bpm average

5 minutes of warm down.
43 minutes total, about 700 calories.

Had some pretty intense abdominal cramping after this workout and proceeded to spend the rest of the evening within a few steps of a bathroom. I don't think this was related to the workout, more than likely I had some form of food poisoning.
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Did a run this evening. This was the anaerobic enducance run for the week.

10 minutes warm up.
3x 2:00 @85-95%, 1:00 active rest, 1:00@85-95%, 0:30 active rest, 0:30@ 85-95%, 0:30 active rest.
Around 5 minutes cool down.
32:00 total, around 540 calories.

Last week I only did 2 of those 2-1-1-30-30-30 sets, the third one tonight was hard but it was good to go through it.
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Did a run this morning.

We went on the route that we measured a couple of weeks ago so we knew where the 1k markers were. This was our long run of the week (3 weeks until the race) and we are still trying to build on our long run times. Ideally we would like to get our long runs into the 70-75 minute range.

Today's run was 61 minutes. We were doing most of our kilometres in about 5:40 or so, give or take about 10 seconds. The course we did is a little flat so it isn't quite the same as what the race course is going to look like (a few long, gradual hills and one shorter, steeper one).

61 minutes total, 950 calories, between 10.5 and about 10.8k total.
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Did a run this evening.

This was a tempo run, after a warm up we tried to run each pre-measured kilometre at a specified pace. The last time I did this kind of run (last week) I attempted a 5:30/k pace. For most of the k's I was able to get just under that. This evening we tried for a 5:25 pace and 1k longer than I did last week.

We did the first k (which was a little hilly) in 5:27,
Second k was about 5:06,
Third k was about 5:19,
Fourth was 5:16,
Fifth was about 5:10.

Run was 33:20 total, about 580 calories. Average HR on each k was in the 170's (going from low 170's to high 170's as each k progressed), except the last k which was 181 average.

This is a harder sort of run but not as hard as the run I did earlier this week. M and I were discussing the run as we walked back home and we both agreed that this is something that should probably be one in Base2 or Base3 of our Tri training. It is a good way to get an indication of a pace/HR and level of fitness. We will have to add this to our training in January/February.
category: Run posted on Thursday October 06, 2005 at 20:18:00 by: 0xCC

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