I did a bike today, a litle bit of an easier bike although the wind was blowing pretty steadily which made things difficult. The temperature was around 7-8 degrees C which was a little cool but the new dry weather cycling jacket I picked up last month at MEC worked out pretty well.

Total of just over 37k, average speed was very low in the 24km/h range, total time was around 1:40 and calories were around 1150.
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Did a bike this afternoon.

1:40 or so, about 46k total and around 1700 calories. Went through Snowball, up to Kettleby, through Holland Landing and back down Main St into town.
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Did a bike this morning, biked into work.

27.5k, 31.1 km'h average right around 50 minutes of ride time, about 55 minutes of real time and about 950 calories.

Riding into work can be quite fun. There are a couple of big hills to get over in the first half of the ride but after that it is pretty much downhill all the way into work (with the occasional blip). This morning I took some risks that I probably shouldn't have taken but it was pretty fun to do. Once I get within about 10k of work the roads get pretty busy. The major issue that make the roads busy are the stop lights. Traffic can be backed up about a kilometre from a light. Usually what I do when riding my bike is sneak up along the curb side of traffic. This can be a little bit of a problem because cars are too close to the curb for me to safely get by. Maybe 1 out of 50 cars is a problem for me. So this morning instead of going on the curb side I swung over into the 'lane' between the two lanes of traffic. Then when I got closer to the actual light (where cars would actually be able to pass by me instead of the other way around) I would cut back over to the curb side. It was pretty fun to do this, but pretty risky too.

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Did a bike this evening.

Right around 40k, average speed around 28.5km/h just around 1300 calories over 1 hour 25 minutes or so.

During the bike I was noticing some strange noises coming from my front wheel. It almost sounded like I had broken a spoke but it didn't seem quite loud enough for that (and my wheel seemed fine). At about the 25k mark I stopped on the side of the road to check out what might be wrong. I checked the tightness of all the spokes on my front wheel and I came across one that wasn't very taught at all. I noticed that the nipple for this spoke (the little thing that attaches the spoke to the rim) was gone. There was also another spoke that seemed really loose. I figured that I would be able to ride home as long as I didn't run over any big holes or anything. I made it home and was able to find the spoke nipple inside my rim and then do the repair.
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Did a bike this morning. It is still very hot so we are doing the majority of our workouts in the morning. We were planning on doing a brick last night but at 7:30 it was still about 29C with the humidex in the high 30's so we decided that having some ice cream was a better option. ;)

So the bike this morning was a ME (muscular endurance) type of bike. 20 minute warm up (well for me it is a 20 minute hard effort trying to catch up with m who usually leaves at least 5 minutes before me). After the warm up a 10k time trial. I didn't keep track of my time for this.

Total workout time: 1:00:00. Just over 28k, 28km/h or something like that average speed. Just under 750 calories.
category: Bike posted on Thursday July 14, 2005 at 09:56:28 by: 0xCC


Did a bike this morning. The weather has turned really hot (35C yesterday before the humidex) so we have switched to doing workouts in the morning for the most part.

For me this workout was just over an hour, for m it was closer to 1:15.

Warmed up for about 20 minutes.
Then 3x8 minutes muscular endurance pace (HR 165-170) with 2 minutes rest.
Cool down for 10 minutes.

Total distance around 28.5k, average speed just around 28km/h. Around 750 calories.
category: Bike posted on Tuesday July 12, 2005 at 09:25:29 by: 0xCC

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